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How To Have A Monthly Family Celebration Dinner

Due to increased working hours for parents and more daily organized sports and activities for kids, finding time to get together as a family can be very challenging. For families that struggle to find the time to get together, organizing a monthly meal together could be a fun way to bond and celebrate recent family accomplishments.

When organizing a family dinner, it would be fun to rotate who gets to pick the destination for dinner. Each member of the family will get to pick a restaurant, genre, or home cooked meal. This will allow everyone to feel (more…)

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Food: Why We Gather Around It Socially

The pace of the world is breathtaking. Time is a commodity in short supply. The attitudes towards social gatherings have changed. The role of functionality is now a driving force behind social engagements. The necessity of food have placed meals central in sociable occasions.

Words like productivity have diminished meals into rushed fuel breaks. Man is a sociable animal who cringes at the solitary life. People have become more attuned to family meal time. Breakfast or dinner are sometimes the (more…)

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Fifteen Ways To Prepare Juicy Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts are easy to cook. When they are prepared correctly, they are juicy and tender. If they are cooked incorrectly, they can be dry and as tough as shoe leather. Here are fifteen ways to prepare juicy chicken breasts.

Cook them slowly in broth or sauce.
Make sure they are covered in a skillet or in the oven.
Cook them wrapped in aluminum foil on the barbeque.
Pound the breast to one-inch thickness and cook over low heat.
Marinate them (more…)

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Top Ten Ground Beef Dinner Recipes

SHEPHERD’S PIE: Layer cooked ground beef, mixed with mushroom soup, milk, salt and pepper, top with veggie of choice and mashed potatoes.

ENCHILADAS: Roll up flour tortillas stuffed with cooked ground beef, cheese and enchilada sauce. Top with extra sauce and cheese and bake.

TACO PILES: To cooked ground beef, add salsa, spices, black beans and corn. Serve in piles topped with chopped veggies, cheese and corn chips.

CHINESE BEEF: Add to cooked ground beef, teriyaki sauce and pineapple chunks. Serve over rice with chopped cashews and green onion.

CHEESEBURGER MESS: To cooked (more…)

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Freezer Cooking: Preparing And Freezing Meals For A Month

Having prepared meals in the freezer is popular for several reasons. Meals cooked and safely stored can quickly be reheated for a meal. The meal ingredients can often be purchased for less money in larger quantities. Ingredients can be selected for recipes that are appropriate for special diets.

Planning is necessary when preparing meals for a month. The cook should select a day which can be used as the cooking day. Fresh ingredients can be purchased a day before the cooking day. Non-perishable (more…)

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Joy In Cooking: Do It Well And Like It

It may sound strange to say, but having joy in your cooking (and doing it well because you like it) are not as easy as they first appear. When you are new to food management and cooking an entire meal from scratch, the kitchen can seem like a depressing place full of disappointments and defeat. Despite this, as you master your favorite recipes and stop finding rotten food in the refrigerator, you soon learn what (more…)

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Baking For Those With Allergies Or Special Requirements

I remember sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office and waiting to hear the results. My father had a terrible rash on his arm that wouldn’t go away. He also had a bad stomach, but at the time we had no idea that the two were related. A few minutes later we discovered that my dad had been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. At first we were scared, not knowing what this disease entailed, but now its just a way of life.

Cooking for anyone that requires special requirements whether it be allergies, diabetes, or Celiacs (more…)

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Cooking For A Family Of Ten Or More

Cooking for one or two is a whole different story than cooking for a family of ten or more. Entirely different approaches must be taken when preparing food for a large family from the type of cook ware that is needed to prepare the food to the cuts of meat that should be used. Shopping for this food also needs to be looked at entirely differently with a major concern being on budgeting and size.

One of the best items for cooking for a large family is a very large crock pot.< (more…)